An extensive road transport fleet ensures that our service stations and business partners across Sub Saharan Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands always stock our advanced fuels to power your vehicles.

In countries where we don’t have our own fleet, we partner with 3rd party distributors, all of whom comply with the highest health, safety and environmental standards.

In recent years, Engen has made a concerted move to ‘green’ its fleet by replacing older vehicles with ones that run on 50ppm cleaner automotive diesel oil (ADO). To date, Engen has purchased 11 bulk tankers, which comply with the latest European emission requirements (Euro 4 and 5). The company remains committed to eventually have only Euro 4 and 5 vehicles across our transport fleet and has a fleet replacement programme in place to do so.

Besides running cleaner fuel, our new trucks also sport exhaust gas recirculation and particulate filter technology, which translates into fuel consumption savings. Uniquely, they are also equipped with safety features such as driver airbags and pre-tension seat belts.

Driving Engen tankers are highly skilled Bulk Truck Operators (BTOs). Our BTO’s are all fully committed to delivering product safely and efficiently. To achieve this, they undergo rigorous training and constant monitoring.