At Engen managing health issues related to the workplace comprises four main areas of activities:

  • Workplace health risk management which focuses on illness and injury prevention and management, and ensuring legal compliance
  • Employee health support services, which focuses on ill health treatment and restoration
  • Promoting and encouraging healthy and balanced lifestyles to employees
  • Managing strategic issues such as incapacity and disability as well as HIV/AIDS

Occupational health risks mainly relate to chemicals, noise and ergonomics in the workplace. In order to comply with the South African OHS Act and related legislation in other African countries, we regularly conduct health risk assessments and exposure surveys.

Two flagship programmes have been implemented throughout the Engen group: Engen’s Employee Care Program and the Engen Wellness Program. The Employee Care Program provides counselling assistance to employees with referrals to external professionals when needed. The HIV/AIDS programme assists employees and their dependents who are HIV positive with antiretroviral medication.

The Engen Wellness Progam (EWP), launched in 2010 and driven by our Wellness Committee, provides assessment, wellness coaching, counselling and support. This EWP assist in educating, monitoring and assisting our employees in optimising their health and wellbeing.