Engen is committed to achieving and maintaining quality and reliability for all Engen products and services, through the effective implementation, maintenance, and continual improvement of business processes, including, where applicable, quality management systems conforming to the International Standards Organisation (ISO) 9001, as well as other international standards.

This ensures that we continue to strive for operational excellence and consistently meet the requirements of our customers in a competitive and cost-effective way.

Engen’s Product Stewardship programme aims to ensure the appropriate identification and management of the health, safety, environmental and quality (HSEQ) risks of our products and packaging throughout their life-cycle, from cradle to grave. Engen’s Product Lifecycle Management Process (PLCM) is used to manage the introduction, modification and withdrawal of products to ensure that all HSEQ risks are addressed and communicated to stakeholders.

Engen has developed a product stewardship policy and guideline which is implemented across the business. This process is integrated into Engen’s HSEQ Management System and provides guidance on important product stewardship issues.

Engen has a comprehensive Safety Data Sheet (SDS) system and all of our major products have SDSs which are compliant to SANS 10234, the South African National Standard for adopting the Globally Harmonized System of classification and labelling of chemicals. These SDSs are used as one of the primary sources of information concerning product risks.

All of our products undergo rigorous testing in our ongoing quest for improvement.

Why we test our Products?

  • To ensure manufactured products meet customer requirements (specifications / performance standards, statutory and regulatory requirements). 
  • To ensure that we have the correct assurance measures in place for the advent of accommodation of product through uncommitted capacity
  • To ensure product integrity, brand image
  • To meet site operating licence requirements. 
  • To Reduce costs / customer complaints / product wastage/ manage contaminations and product transfers. 
  • Safety

Engen has a number of ISO 9001 Quality Management System certified sites.

Site Listing Numbers:

  • Cape Town DC (Solvents): LS 0247
  • Johannesburg DC (Solvents): LS 0375 
  • Lube Oil Blend Plant (LOBP): LS 0462
  • Refinery Durban: LS 0500 
  • Zenex Blend Plant (ZBP): LS 0628 
  • Safor Durban: LS 1623
  • Durban Chemicals: LS 1873 
  • Richards Bay Terminal: LS 2699 
  • Wentworth Depot: LS 3460