Our safety management can be categorised as process safety risks and behaviour-based safety risks.

Process safety risks include fires, spills and loss of containment. A five-year preventative programme was implemented during 2009 at our six biggest depots, which included a Process Hazard Review, Instrumentation Protective Function reviews and Process Safety Information.

In 2010 we initiated our DuPont Behaviour safety programme focusing on reducing spills to the environment, LOPC (Loss of Primary Containment), LTIF (Lost Time Injury Frequency) and land transportation incidents.

Our products and services could potentially have health and safety implications on the users thereof. We piggy back on current expertise in the public domain for safety information.

Safety Data Sheets (SDSs)

We, therefore, review Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) for applicability rather than perform our own assessments as we modify existing products rather than develop new ones. These SDSs are available wherever our products and services are delivered. Engen generally conforms to the requirements in SANAS 10234 in respect of labelling of products.

A Safety Data Sheet (SDS) is a form containing data regarding the properties of a particular substance. An important component of product stewardship and workplace safety, it is intended to provide workers and emergency personnel with procedures for handling or working with that substance in a safe manner, and includes information such as physical data (melting point, boiling point, flash point, etc.), toxicity, health effects, first aid, reactivity, storage, disposal, protective equipment, and spill handling procedures

Road Transport Safety Management System

The objective of this Road Transport Safety Management System (RTSMS) is to describe how Road Transportation risks are managed to As Low as Reasonably Practicable (ALARP). This is consistent with the following requirement of PTS 18.55.01, and ISO 39001. The RTSMS is reviewed as and when required and approved by senior Engen management.

The RTSMS has been established in accordance with Engen HSEQ Manual, ISO 9001 & 14001, PETRONAS Technical Standard (PTS), HSE Mandatory Control Framework and any relevant applicable International Standards.

Where Local requirements differ from those described in this manual, the more stringent requirements need to be followed. This document includes the transportation of refined oil products, including lubricants but excludes Customer on Demand trucks/contractors.

Engen Road Transport Management System (RTSMS)

RTSMS Framework

Module 1 - Leadership and Commitment

Leadership and Commitment

Appendix 6.3 - walkabout Checklist

Module 2 - Module Training

Fleet Operations Training

Appendix 5.3 - Smith System Defensive Driving Training Competency Test Form

Appendix 5.4 - Safety Passport

Appendix 5.6 - Driver Performance Appraisal Form

Smith form

Module 3 - BTO Recruitment Procedure

BTO Recruitment Procedure


Management of Change

Appendix 6.1 - MOC Request Form

Appendix 6.2 - Delivery Route Change

Appendix 6.3 - BTO Task Change

Appendix 6.4 - Equipment Change

Appendix 6.5 - Facility Change

Appendix 6.6 - Hauler Management Change

Appendix 6.7 - ENGEN Personnel Change

Appendix 6.8 - Work Procedure Change

Appendix 6.9 - Supply Point Change

Appendix 6.10 - MOC RTSOG Change or Waiver Request Form

Appendix 6.11- Waiver Log

Module 5 - Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

Appendix 5.1 - Pre-Load and Loading Operation Hazard Assessment Checklist

Appendix 5.2 - Delivery Route Hazard Assessment Checklist

Appendix 5.3 (a) - Delivery Design Review Hazard Assessment Checklist

Appendix 7.1 - Scheduled Risk Assessment

Appendix 7.2 - RA FORM

Appendix 7.4.1 - Site Risk Safety Assessment for SS

Appendix 7.4.2 - Site Risk Safety Assessment for Comm-lubes

8.6.1(a) Engen Loading Competency Assessment

Appendix 8.6.2(a) - BOS Desk Review Form

Appendix 9.3 - Risk Matrix Defination


Delivery Route Plan

Module 6 - Truck Specifications

Truck Specifications

No _11 Attachment 5 PDB Bulk Fuels Road Tanker Specification_Final Jan 2012

Module 7 - Incident Investigation and Reporting Procedure

Incident Investigation and Reporting Procedure

Incident Investigation and Reporting Operation Guide

Module 8 - Emergency Response

Emergency Response

Appendix 7.5 - AssessEvaluate Drill and Simulation


Spill Kits Guidelines

Module 9 - Audit



RTSMS Engen Audit Checklist Tier 2 (12 Dec 2017)

Module 10 - Personal Safety

Personal Safety

Front GAVO4015

Side SVJK4206

Back WTFS6050

Module 11 - Procedures


Module 12 - Journey Management Plan (JMP)


PDC Checklist A

Module 13 - 3rd Party Management

3rd Party Management

Appendix 4.3 - Engen Workshop Audit Checklist

Module 14 - Legal