Engen’s Lubricating Oils Blend Plant (LOBP) is located in the Cutler Complex (a national key point) at Island View alongside the harbour in Durban, South Africa.

Built in 1991, LOBP is an extremely versatile plant. Its high-tech machinery is designed to consistently offer maximum performance at the highest efficiency.

The primary activities on site include:

  • Lubricants Blending / Filling
  • Lube Oil Bulk Distribution
  • Raw material receipt
  • Laboratory testing

LOBP produces 40 tons of product per hour, totalling 320,000 litres per day on a single shift. It has the capability to produce:

  • 430 products in over 1000 packs
  • 24,000 half-litre cans per hour
  • 240 drums 2,250 5 litre cans per hour
  • 50 cubic metres of bulk blend per hour

The wide range of lubricants manufactured at LOBP offer customers high performance and are purpose-suited to the unique demands of a spectrum of industries and geographies.

LOBP is certified ISO 9001 Quality Management System and ISO 14001 Environmental Management System.

All lubricants undergo exhaustive testing to ensure beyond doubt that each product is ready for mass distribution. Engen’s own bench tests are complimented by external tests where necessary, including field trials and standard international bench tests.

Physical Address:
30 Luzon Rd, Island View, Durban, 4052

Postal Address:
PO Box 12991, Jacobs, Durban, 4026