The Zenex Blend Plant is located within the Cutler Complex at Island View in Durban, South Africa. ZBP takes various grades of lubricating oils and processes these with the addition of viscosity enhancing co-polymers to produce various grades and types of lubricating oils. The plant is certified ISO 9001 (Quality Management System).

On site are a number of storage tanks for the various components used in the manufacturing of the lube oils, blending kettles where the specific grades of lube oils are manufactured, storage vessels for the final products, and finally the production line where the lube oils are loaded into the different containers for supply to customers.

On the northern side of ZBP is a rail siding where approximately 6 rail tankers per week are loaded with lube oil for transportation to customers.

ZBP, in common with all sites in the Island View Complex, is part of the Cutler Complex, a national key point. This provides comprehensive fire fighting capability to the entire Island View Complex. The bunded areas containing storage tanks at the ZBP Tank Farm are fitted with bund foam pourers. The Tank Farm at Durban Chemicals also has bund foam pourers installed on the bunded areas. The flow of foam to the various areas on site is controlled by opening of remotely operated valves from the fire control room.

There are two heavy fuel oil fired boilers on site producing 1.5 tons per hour of steam for use in the process.

ZBP originally belonged to Esso. It became a Zenex site in 1986 and eventually became part of Engen Petroleum Limited in 2000. The site on which ZBP is located also contains an Olefins-to-Co-Polymer Plant (currently mothballed), the Engen Island View “D” Tank Farm and Engen Petroleum Limited Durban Chemicals.

Engen Island View “D” Tank Farm

The Engen Island View “D” tank farm comprises a number of storage tanks where materials such as base oil, solvents, chemicals and diesel fuel are stored. These materials are received via pipeline from the Engen Refinery in Wentworth, and loaded onto ships in the harbour or are transferred to other companies.

Engen Petroleum Limited Durban Chemicals

The Engen Petroleum Limited Durban Chemicals area blends and loads chemicals and solvents from the storage tanks into either 210 litre steel drums or into road tankers at the bulk loading rack.

Physical Address:
34 Trinidad Road, Island View, Durban, 4052

Postal Address:
PO Box 21050, Bluff, Durban, 4036