Engen’s retail network comprises approximately 1,500 service stations spread across sub-Saharan Africa and the Indian Ocean islands. Offering motorists our premium fuels – Engen Primax Unleaded* and Engen Dynamic Diesel* – our friendly forecourt staff are firmly committed to serving our customers, meeting their every need, and always delivering on our brand promise of “With us you are Number One”.

Many Engen service stations are sub-branded 1-Stop or 1-Plus. These two categories of service station are our premium sites and carry a number of convenience services on site.

* Only available at selected service stations.

Engen 1-Stop

Bourne out of our ‘Vacation Station’ concept, the first Engen 1–Stop was erected in Bloemfontein, South Africa in 1986. Since then the Engen 1-Stop network has grown to comprise 49 sites spread across South Africa, Namibia and Botswana.

An Engen 1-Stop is designed to meet the needs of the long distance traveller by providing total convenience. On site Engen actively promotes safe travelling habits, encouraging long distance travellers to stop often, rest and freshen up.

When making your next trip, stop at an Engen 1-Stop where you are likely to encounter some or all of the following facilities:

  • Well stocked Engen Quickshop 
  • Sparkling clean toilet facilities 
  • Multi-branded fast food takeaways and/or restaurant facilities 
  • Engen Play Centre for the children 
  • Tourist Information Bureau 
  • Telephones 
  • Diesel Trucking Facilities

Engen 1-Plus

In order to differentiate our urban service stations that partner with prestigious convenience brands, Engen created the sub-brand 1-Plus in 2007.

An Engen 1-Plus differs from a conventional Engen service station by carrying the following minimum convenience offerings:

  • Quickshop 
  • Corner Bakery 
  • Rotisserie chicken or fast food brand 
  • Coffee offering 
  • Woolworths or convenience meals, and 
  • Branded ATM

Engen 1-Plus sites are clearly identifiable by the sharp-edged Engen wing sign and 1-Plus branding, as opposed to the rounded prime sign of normal Quick shop sites.