Engen’s Corporate Services focus predominantly on managing Engen's reputation and co-ordinating and managing the business planning and strategic planning activities to ensure that Engen is correctly positioned in the future to continue delivering sustainable performance. In order for this to happen, Engen must be perceived as a good corporate citizen.

Key initiatives include providing effective communications to all identified stakeholders and ensuring that all of our corporate social investment, sponsorship and advertising enhance the Engen brand in the eyes of our customers.

Value is also added by improving strategic relationships and supporting Engen's African growth strategy whilst contributing to employee pride and Engen's strategy for Historically Disadvantaged South Africans (HDSAs).

The Corporate Affairs and Corporate Planning divisions are managed through the following departments:

Corporate Affairs

  • Group Corporate Social Investment;
  • Group Communications;
  • Group Sponsorship;
  • Group Brand; and
  • Group Stakeholder Engagement.

Corporate Planning

  • Business Planning;
  • Strategic Planning;
  • Industry Liaison;
  • Fuels Technology; and
  • Supply Chain Management.