Support Services

Engen’s Financial Services division is the main recording function of the Engen group. It is also committed to meeting the agreed needs of the business in financing, treasury, risk management, control of group taxation and the managing of group credit controls.

Document and Knowledge Management (DKM)

DKM is a small department that has a large footprint across Engen. They assist with:

  • Document management (policies, procedures, training material, etc) via the SharePoint DMS
  • Records management (contracts, agreements, MSDS, etc)
  • Email management (selective archiving and classifying) via email archiving tool
  • Business Process Management (modelling of enterprise processes – single source of reference material) via BPM tool (ARIS)
  • Collaboration facilities via SharePoint

Information Services

The IS Department serves as a partner to the business to enable the strategic objectives of the divisions while delivering stakeholder value. Under the leadership of the Chief Information Officer, the emphasis is on a deep understanding of the needs of the company and in partnership, to deliver appropriate business solutions. The IS department delivers strategic insight and leadership based on an understanding of technology and the connected economy.
The emphasis is on customer service and service delivery while focusing on continuous improvement with challenging stretch targets. IS operates within a framework of sound governance and architectures and view themselves as a professional service provider. IS delivers appropriate systems that meet the strategic objectives of the divisions and that are measured and managed to ensure economies of scale at best cost.

There are nine sub IS departments:

  • Divisional Support Services 
  • Consulting Services 
  • Business Intelligence 
  • Strategic Initiatives 
  • Architectures and Governance 
  • Facilities and Infrastructures 
  • Application Development 
  • Business Controls 
  • Service Support

Group Procurement

Group Procurement is responsible for the establishment, acceptance and maintenance of:

  • The Company’s Procurement Policy and Guidelines. 
  • The General Terms and Conditions for procurement of materials and services.

Other responsibilities include:

  • Facilitation and consolidation of Company wide requirements 
  • Management of the Centralised Vendor Master 
  • CPC initiatives for the Company 
  • SAP MM system process requirements and compliance issues i.e. data reporting 
  • Advice and guidance on best procurement practice 
  • Specialist procurement system audits for alignment to Policy and Guidelines 
  • Providing information on legislation affecting procurement

Group Tax

Group Tax is responsible for ensuring that Engen pays the correct amount of tax to the governments and other taxing authorities in which we operate. This can be in the form of income tax on profits, payroll taxes, value added tax and duties and levies payable on fuels.
The Tax department has a dual function:

  • A strategic view ensuring that the group as a whole and individual transactions or projects are properly structured in the most tax efficient manner 
  • An administrative role of ensuring that all returns are properly completed and submitted on time.

Group Credit

Group Credit is responsible for the implementation of, and compliance with, credit policy and procedures. Their objectives are to:

  • Consistently and continuously improve group internal credit management efficiency and effectiveness to meet world-class standards 
  • Manage, control and monitor the performance and levels of performance of all credit related activities within the group to ensure bad debts are minimised 
  • Report on a monthly basis to OMC, EMS and Board on credit performance.

Group Risk

Group Risk Management is responsible for minimising the exposure to risk by managing those exposures. For example:

  • Managing known risks to ensure that the group exposure is minimised 
  • Making insurance placements to transfer risk in the market either through Enpet our insurance captives or directly with worldwide insurance markets 
  • Minimising environment risk, which is a real exposure in our industry 
  • Taking appropriate additional cover in the various countries in which we invest as this is another big risk

Group Treasury

Group Treasury controls the finances and the foreign exchange exposures of Engen Group through:

  • Management of cash resources and investment of cash 
  • Raising of short and long term loans 
  • Risk managing Engen’s foreign exchange receipts and payments
  • Reviewing various projects to ensure the optimum usage of group resources

Accounting Services

Accounting Services supply accurate, reliable accounting information on a timeous basis to management and shareholders. Financial information and analysis of results is supplied to the group, thereby enabling problem identification and highlighting weaknesses. They are also responsible for:

  • Ensuring that appropriate controls and procedures are in place to ensure good corporate governance.
  • Ensuring that all payments to suppliers - and where applicable customers - are well handled and controlled.