Engen’s Human Capital Division seeks to attract, engage, develop and retain the right people in partnership with the business. As a division of the company, HCD is a centralised corporate service that provides the company with expertise in all areas of HR. This includes developing strategies based on global best practice, being the owner of all of Engen's HR policies and procedures, and providing expert guidance to the decentralised HR departments in the Marketing, Refining and International Business divisions.

The HCD vision is “Let’s make GREAT happen”. This is aligned to five fundamental principles which we believe will make us an employer of choice.

Great Company

Everything we do is focused on ensuring that Engen is and remains a GREAT COMPANY; a company that is not just ‘The Oil Company of Choice in Sub Saharan Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands’, but also one that is GREAT in the eyes of our customers.

Great Leaders

Great companies are led by people who inspire, motivate, and lead from the front. Engen is fortunate to have many such GREAT LEADERS. Some are visionaries, others take a hands-on approach, but all have one thing in common - the ability to take the company forward.

Great Rewards

At Engen we recognise that there is more to job satisfaction than a monthly pay cheque. And while we offer GREAT REWARDS - comparable to those earned elsewhere in the Petrochemical industry - the benefits of being an Engen employee run far deeper.

Great Culture

Engen is a values-driven organisation, where Integrity, Ownership, Empowered, Teamwork and Performance drive the behaviours and attitudes of the group and individuals. This GREAT CULTURE is a standard of excellence we strive to achieve as a successful business and a responsible corporate citizen.

Great Careers

Whether you're an experienced professional or a graduate just starting out, working for Engen is much more than just a nine-to-five job. The company offers you a GREAT CAREER; a career where professional and personal development opportunities are considered, and a career that is stimulating, challenging and rewarding.