Introduced in the 1980s as an industry first, the Engen Diesel Club (EDC) card provides convenient, cashless refueling at Engen’s network of Truck Stops and Service Stations. Drivers use either their EDC swipe card or cordless tag system to make purchases.

EDC has been specially designed to create a fuel management and control system to assist with:

• Fuel cost saving
• Combating fuel theft and fraud
• The supply of accurate and timely fleet reporting

Engen Diesel Club is available at all Engen Truck Stops, including at stand-alone sites as well as those attached to the Engen 1-Stop network. Refueling has never been simpler, more convenient or cost effective, through this holistic fuel management and control solution.

Benefits of EDC

There are many benefits of belonging to the Engen Diesel Club whether you use the swipe card or fuel tag system:

• Simplicity – No voucher or paper work. Cashless refueling.
• Savings - Accumulated via an advanced fuel management control system
• Peace-of-mind – Accurate reporting on refueling transactions
• Security – Collusion and fraud are minimized. EDC transaction data is available for access within 72 hours.
• Convenience – 24-hour availability at a wide network of strategically placed sites nationwide
• Reports - Transaction reports available either as a posted hard copy or via electronic mail.
• On approval from Wesbank Auto, toll transactions can be performed with the same card.
• Repair and maintenance of vehicles is offered, but billed directly though Wesbank Auto.

Expiry of Cards

EDC cards expire once a year (12 month). Please note expiry cards do not get a higher sequence number.

Fuel and Toll Cards

On approval from Wesbank, EDC customers can have their toll transactions transacted with the same card. The billing for this facility is done directly by Wesbank Auto.

1. Customer must apply direct to the bank for toll.
2. When toll is approved by the bank, the customer will get a fuel and toll card.
3. Engen debits the customer for the fuel only.
4. The bank debits the customer’s account directly, and sends you statements of the toll usage.
5. Any queries pertaining to the toll will be dealt with directly between customer and the bank.
6. Attached is a letter from the bank, stating their requirements for toll application.


The up-to-date reporting system provides accurate online reports, which will assist you in your decision-making processes, i.e. the odometer reading is captured automatically on refueling, allowing this transaction data to be used for fleet planning and utilization.


Forms for Card System
1. New Card Form
2. Card Replacement Form
3. Vehicle Change
4. Vehicle Transfer

Forms for Vehicle Tagging System
1. New Tag Form
2. Lost or Stolen Tag Form
3. Vehicle Change
4. Vehicle Transfer