Innovative Packaging Solution (IPS) is Engen’s innovative new system for transporting bulk lubricants. It is a first for lubricants in Africa and is scientifically engineered to offer solutions to issues experienced with long distance transportation, turnkey installations, including on site inventory management, contamination control and disposal.

The IPS container is a 1-way single use pack designed specifically for robust handling and ultimate product protection on the inside. It holds 900L of oil or 810kg of lubricating grease. Ideally it should be stored indoors but has been tested extensively for outside storage in the harsh African sun.

The container is constructed using a set of 5 layers of carefully selected material to protect product content during handling, filling, dispensing and storage. IPS can either be used in a fixed position (e.g. in a workshop) or in a mobile environment (e.g. 900L IPS moved around for various top-up jobs and oil changes).

What makes the Engen IPS the ideal transport, storage and dispensing solution for bulk lubricants?

  • Cost effective — it’s single use, which means no return freight, cleaning or maintenance costs.
  • Convenience — one 900L IPS pack holds the equivalent of over 4 drums’ worth of lubricant, making it a big space saver. What’s more, you literally have your favourite lubricant on tap.
  • Clean and safe — it’s a sealed system so contaminants such as water and airborne particles can’t get in.
  • Environmentally friendly— made from non-toxic materials, the entire unit is completely recyclable. You can also re-use it to transport your used lubricants.

Dispensing Methods

The IPS can be discharged through a winch system or by means of specialised dispensing stations.

1. Winch Unit

Using a winch or counter weight unit to stretch the bag allows complete draining. A special Camlok adaptor is required.

2. Single Product IPS Station

  • This dispensing unit, which is used in conjunction with the IPS pack, includes a spill tray, meter, extended hose reel and multi-adaptable pump that use either 24 V or 220 V power.
  • The hose real has an on-board metered nozzle so the output can be measured.
  • Kidney filtration is an optional add on.
  • This station can be used in a stationary position in a workshop environment or in a mobile position on the back of a truck or LDV to do “milk run” top ups of equipment.

3. Multi Product IPS Station

  • This is the same as the single product IPS station except that four stations are joined on 1 platform with a large spill tray
  • Accommodates up to four products e.g. 3 oils and 1 grease or 4 oils

4. Horizontal Product IPS Station

  • This station was specifically designed for use in underground mining operations or applications where there is a restriction in height. Underground mines have a typical height restriction of 1.9 - 2.0m and the conventional station has a height of 2.3 m.
  • Instead of the bag being lifted as with the other units, here the bag is pulled back over a roller system which enables the unit to work at heights of < 1.8 m
  • The benefit is that this unit allows mini-bulk to be transported and dispensed underground
  • Another major benefit is that once it is emptied, it also allows for the used oil to be collected underground & brought back to surface – environmentally responsible
  • The unit is a rigged steel spill tray design with hose reals, pumps, filters and meter options
  • This unit is for use with oil only.