What is AdBlue®?

AdBlue® is a pure colourless, synthetic urea solution produced to an exact specification from the organic compound Urea, and pure demineralised water. Although this may sound like a simple formula, it is critical that AdBlue® is produced under the most stringent of conditions to ensure its purity. It is equally critical that this purity is maintained throughout the distribution process and storage process until the product reaches its final destination: the vehicle’s AdBlue® tank and its exhaust injection system. Without the essential purity, the SCR system will not perform its role correctly and there is a high risk that the vehicle’s emissions-reducing equipment may be damaged.

Why do I need AdBlue®?

AdBlue® is an essential element in making sure that your vehicle, which is fitted with an SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) system, always meets the required legal levels for EU exhaust emissions. In simple terms, AdBlue® is injected in measured quantities into your vehicle’s exhaust gases and, with the help of the catalytic converter, changes the toxic exhaust gas, NOx, into two harmless substances – nitrogen and steam. The result of this process is a significant reduction in the emission of the harmful substance- nitrogen oxide (NOx).

Where can I purchase AdBlue®?

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What can go wrong if I use contaminated AdBlue®?

AdBlue® is a very pure chemical product and its purity needs to be protected at every stage of production and handling. If AdBlue® becomes contaminated through poor storage and handling procedures, then it will cause the SCR system to work incorrectly as the SCR system is sensitive to any impurities in the AdBlue® and this could mean your vehicle is operating illegally. Furthermore, contaminated AdBlue® will damage the SCR system and so invalidate any warranty claims relating to the vehicles SCR exhaust injection system or catalyst.

How can I be sure I am using the right AdBlue® in the right way?

Firstly, only source AdBlue® from suppliers who are licenced by the VDA to produce and/or supply the product. AdBlue® has a specification that meets the agreed global ISO22241 and this places requirements on AdBlue® producers and distributors to guarantee the purity of the product from production source through distribution process and during storage. The VDA issues licences to AdBlue® producers and suppliers which enables them to use the AdBlue® trademark. You can find a list of licenced AdBlue® suppliers by going to the VDA website: www.vda.de > Publications > Orders and Downloads. Secondly, follow the list of simple “Do’s and Don’t’s” and you will easily guarantee the purity and performance of your AdBlue®.